We work with you, providing guidance through life-changing moments and helping you reach your goals in keeping with the principles and values that are unique to you and your family.


As a fiduciary we work to structure your Plan and Policy Statement in a way that incorporates any Environmental, Social or Governance (ESG) values that are important to you. It is our belief that a values based stewardship of your savings and attractive investment returns are not mutually exclusive.


Discovery Meeting

Our first meeting is a discovery meeting. An indepth conversation where we discuss who you are. What unique goals you wish to achieve, along with the principles and values that are important to you and your family. It is our belief that by taking the time to truly understand what makes you you, is the only way to begin a valued and trusted relationship. 

During this conversation you will also receive a full understanding of our team, our investment approach and the services we offer.


Investment Plan/Mutual Commitment Meeting

Depending on the needs identified during your Discovery Meeting, we will undertake a thorough diagnosis of your current situation and present our recommendations for moving forward in an Investment Plan and Investment Policy Statement. Within which your personal principles and values are incorporated.

It is at this stage that we confirm a mutual commitment between you as our client and us as your Investment Advisor. A financial plan including retirement needs and/or estate and tax planning may also be part of this meeting if required.


Plan Implementation

Following our Investment Plan/Mutual Commitment Meeting, you can expect a semi-annual portfolio review and regular contact to update you on your performance. We recognize each client has individual needs and may wish to meet more or less frequently. During these meetings, a portfolio review document will be drawn up which will include investments, commentary and an action plan for you to follow. We will work with your professional network, such as your lawyer and accountant, to help put any action plan into effect. If you do not have a professional network, we will refer you to one of our trusted relationships within our own professional network. 


Here for you

We are readily available to provide information on your accounts and address any needs or concerns you may have. As a team, our individual specialized skills and expertise are at your disposal. 

You will also receive invitations to exciting and informative investment seminars as well as client appreciation social events throughout the year.